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Outdoors with Zs

Ever since I was a child of 10 years old walking in the Breacon Beacons, Lake District,Yorkshire Dales, Dartmoor and much more with my dad I have known the good and wholesome importance of being in the great outdoors amongst nature and fresh air and the positive affect it has on your body and mind, exploring far and wide , high and low, trek, trail, scramble, walk or run you name it I have been lucky enough to experience it, welly boots, flip flops, mountaineering boots, trainers, trail gear, barefoot!
My feet have been wholly abused and only now at the age of 38 have I realised how vital it is to look after my body when it comes to the next part of my life journey and the two things that have and continue to carry me through life are my feet so I need to take care of them.
Mosituring daily, the odd foot massage along with making sure all my footwear has the very best insoles and protection I can find, and trust me I have tried all sorts of insoles claiming various dynamic comfortability yet my feet still take a battering!
Earlier this year I was introduced subtlely to a pair of insoles I had never heard of and the chap simply said “Joe, I know you do lots of outdoor on the go activities so give these insoles a try, let me know your thoughts and I promise you will feel the difference”  
Well I can say feet on heart Z LINERS now line my trail trainers, mountaineering boots, EMS boots, business shoes and also all my young sons' and wife's footwear also.
Not only can we chuck them all in the washing machine after a long family walk or high performance technical trek the Z LINERS feel like your feet are enveloped on an air cushion, so no aches or pains or complaints whatsoever.
We have all been seriously impressed by the ultra standard of comfort, no odour issues & wellbeing they give to our feet, so no looking back and hats off to the team at Z LINERS long may they continue to put peoples feet first.
EMS Professional