shock absorption insoles
custom insoles for flat feet
the best insoles for work, running, hiking and sports.


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Custom insoles for flat feet and high arches

Custom insoles for flat feet, high arches and everything in between. 

Z-Liners are a new breed of insoles from ZL-Labs. Made with ZL™ HEXCORE, a material and design with a strong emphasis on arch support, shock absorption and proper cushioning. They feature a breathable, moisture-wicking top and bottom layer that helps control odors while also being machine washable/anti-bacterial. They provide a custom fit after simply wearing them for a few days. No molds or ovens required. Pair these features together and you have an insole that offers unrivaled comfort, performance and pain relief. Whether for work, running, hiking, sports and everything else, Z-Liners make the best pair of insoles for any setting.

Z-Liners will change the way you feel, we guarantee it.