Faq – Z-Liner Labs


Why is the break-in period so important? How long do they take to break-in to my feet?
Due to the design and material of our Z-liners, we recommend giving them a good wear for about 5-7 days. This allows enough time for your feet to start setting in and experiencing the benefits that our insoles provide. Some stiffness in the beginning is perfectly fine and expected, as your feet begin to break in to our footbeds. During this time, support and comfort will further be increased throughout your entire foot.
How long does shipping take?
We ship orders out every day and its usually 2-4 business days for delivery. Once shipped, we also send you a tracking number to the email provided in the order.
Will they fit in my shoes?
Z-Liners will fit in just about every type of footwear ranging from: running - tennis/pickleball - golf - all types of cleats - casual/dress - basketball/sneakers - mountain bike/BMX - skate - work boots - ski/snowboard - motocross boots - hiking - hockey/roller skates
Are they good for flat feet?
Our insoles have a firmer material in the arch region to provide additional support. If you’re looking for support that isn’t too aggressive for flat feet then these should be able to help you. Our material will form to your feet while giving extra stability, especially in the arch region. Being that you’re using them for flat feet, they may take a few days to adjust to as you may feel increased pressure in the arch region.
Do they have arch support?
Yes! Arch support is one of the most important and effective parts. We use a stiffer grade of our material in the arch region. Due to the color and material, it may be hard to see the built-in support in the photos but you can definitely feel it. During the break-in period, our material will begin adjusting to your foot shape, weight and pressure points. The support is increased even more, once they fully set in.
Will these help alleviate plantar fasciitis pains?
Our Z-Liners can definitely help with plantar fasciitis issues. Our adaptive heel cup helps keep your feet aligned which will help reduce and alleviate pains. They are designed to take the brunt of the impact your feet take. They are also built with a firmer material in the arch region to help support and stabilize which will help further reduce the load on your feet.
Are they good for running/walking?
Our Z-Liners offer great support, traction, breathability and shock absorption. They’re also anti-microbial/anti-bacterial and machine washable to keep you fresh on your feet!
Are they recommended for basketball and other high impact sports?
Our Z-Liners are ideal for strenuous activities and have many features that you can benefit from. They are great at absorbing shock and reducing the added stress on your joints from high impacts you take. They’re non-slip and provide excellent traction which will definitely help in various settings. They're extremely breathable and are designed to pump air through the bottom of your feet through our honeycomb material to help keep your feet cool. They’re also machine washable and antibacterial/microbial which will help prevent and rid any unwelcome odors that may come with these intense activities.
How about steel-toe and other types of work boots?
Our Z-Liners have a lot of properties that a wearer will benefit from, especially with the long days spent on your feet in heavier shoes. They’re great at absorbing shock which will give your feet a break from the pounding they receive through-out the day. They have arch support built in that will help stability, balance and will leave your feet feeling more refreshed. They’re machine washable and antimicrobial/antibacterial.
Do I remove the previous insole before placing Z-Liners in?
We usually recommend replacing the original insole but if your shoes allow for both then you're more than welcome to try both ways to see which you prefer.
Do they help with being on cement floors all day?
Our Z-Liners make the ideal pair for long hours, especially long hours on hard surfaces. They are your personal anti-fatigue mats. They are great at absorbing shock and helping keep your feet stabile. They have arch support built-in, which should help your balance and reduce tiredness on your feet.
Wide sizes?
For wide sizes up to and including 4E, we recommend ordering one size larger and trimming slightly to fit the tip of the shoe. For widths greater than 4E, we suggest ordering 1.5 sizes larger. This will give you the added area for your feet to properly fit onto our Z-Liners. The tip of our insoles have a border of material that can be easily snipped. Just a pair of scissors will do!
Are they good for bone spurs?
Our Z-Liners are definitely solid candidates to help relieve pains and issues dealing with bone spurs. They are designed to form to your feet to your feet while remaining strong enough to support your foundation. This helps reduce pressure on those points and give you the increased support you need. They’re also great at absorbing shock and will help take the jolt out of your steps.
Where do they ship from?
All orders ship free from our base in California.
Where are they made?
Our Z-Liners are made at our facility in South Korea using clean materials sourced from the US.
Where can I sign up for email updates?
You can sign up by clicking HERE
Are they machine washable? Can I just throw them in with my laundry?
Definitely. We recommend air drying as they'll be almost completely dry after the washer's last spin cycle.
Are these one size fits all?
Of course not! It is counterintuitive to make 1 insole designed for 10+ sizes. Our Z-Liners come in every size and half size. This ensures proper and accurate fitment.
Can they be trimmed?
While you should not have to trim our insoles for your shoes, you can. We designed the tip of our insoles with a border of material that can easily be snipped if needed.
Can I put these in my square toed footwear?
We recommend ordering 1 full size larger and trimming them to fit. This will provide the additional area while giving you the proper length as well.
Do you make anything larger than a mens 14?
We are currently in the process of making larger sizes. If you’re interested, please send an email with “BIG SIZES” to info@z-liner.com to be added the the notification list. We’ll get an email sent out once they become available.