At Z-liner Labs, we all come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in footcare. Innovation in the insole industry is lagging behind. Most manufacturers have been using the same type of insole designs they have been using for decades, just now with fancy packaging.

We wanted to change that so ‘Team Z’ have created an insole using the latest advancements in technology and engineering that we feel is more advanced than anyone has ever seen before. We have brought insoles to a whole new level and believe we will revolutionise shoe wearing in the near future!


To use technology and innovation to create an insole that provide unrivaled comfort and performance to the wearer.


We are a super active team of engineers and feet experts that participate in a range of activities such as running, basketball, soccer, golf, mountain-biking, motocross, snowboarding and hiking. We are familiar with the strains such strenuous activities impose on our bodies, and many start at the feet!