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Z-Liner's For The Win!


My name is Daniel from Santa Clara, California. A little background on myself: I am an avid motocrosser/mountain biker/adrenaline junky. I first received my insoles at the end of 2018. I am a big guy (6'4") and can use all the extra comfort and stability that I can possibly get. I heard many great things about Z-Liner's so I thought I'd give them a shot.

I first used them with my regular sneakers and shortly after falling in love with them, I had to get a pair for my motocross boots. Boots are very expensive (~$450), the insoles in them are okay but they are lacking in many areas. I swapped out the stock Gaerne insole and replaced them with my new Z-Liners. I love Z-Liners for many reasons but what I find to be the most important aspects are the anti-microbial properties, the breathability, and the fact that I can wash and dry them in the machine. Things get very dirty out there when riding and these have helped make things that much easier for me.

Another big thing I noticed was the huge increase in balance and stability. This is key for me especially being a tall guy and standing/crouching while riding. These have helped me significantly in so many ways. The shock absorption helps significantly especially when landing after jumps and drops. I feel much more comfortable and planted after having these 'installed'. I now have a pair in my work and running shoes too. Thank you again for creating such an innovative product, you have my support!


Best Regards,
Daniel R